Charm School – Meet the Parents

Welcome to Charm School

JLM has teamed up with the ever divine Krystle Gallaway. Think of us as your secret Charm Squad. While Krystle yields the brush with the precision of a glambot samurai ninja, I take care of the wordsmithery. 

Together we’ll get you prepped for all of life’s defining moments; meeting the parents, first dates and walks of shame. It’s glamour meets wisdom; GLAMDOM.

Meet the Parents

Meeting your new boyfriend/girlfriend’s parents is shit scary and it’s Bermuda triangle difficult to find a balance between being an obsequious crawling twit with no opinion and completely inappropriately trashy, drunk on nerves (or just dutch courage) or hard nosed. So how do you present yourself as a well balanced, smart, driven and happy individual that easily meets the approval of parents?

Here’s my tips, and below them Krystle’s make up sorcery…

  • Mind your P’s & Q’s ALWAYS.
  • Do offer to help with the cleaning and make sure you clear your plate from the table at a bare minimum.
  • Don’t ever turn up empty handed. A dessert, bottle of wine or bunch of flowers will go a long, long way at sewing your way into their hearts with positivity.
  • Do dress appropriately. Of course WE know that their son is no angel, but regardless, you want to appear to be one in their eyes (at least for the moment).
  • Do choose your seat at the table with caution. Never take the head. Ideally sit next to your partner and opposite the parents so that you can maintain polite eye contact and nod at appropriate times.
  • If you feel stressed or awkward offer to help in the kitchen. Washing the dishes and being away from direct line of fire, I mean, conversation can help calm your nerves and get you through to dessert.
  • Follow cues from your partner about how affectionate you can be around his family.
  • Do try to inject the conversation with stimulating, fun and intelligent chat.
  • Don’t try too hard to force conversation and never get involved in family politics or debates.
  • Do not use pet names at the dinner table, it’s revolting for onlookers. And never get heated in the lip department either.

The Demure Look

Goodluck! JLM & Krystle xxx

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