Charm School – Undress Me

Tonight’s the night. You’ve been daydreaming about drowning this sexy mother fucker in a bucketload of oil and/or champagne (does it mix? – who cares) and doing very bad things. Despite wanting to throw the nefarious dating rule book into the gutter after setting it alight you’ve clawed through your tokenistic 3 dates and done the right thing by waiting.

You chant to yourself frequently: ‘I am a good, sweet girl’.

Internally you congratulate yourself on persevering with  that illustrious, sweet nonchalance and charmed yourself into a  third date. You’re about to enchant him. Here’s how to make sure you absolutely, undoubtedly charm his pants off on DATE #3. 

And below my lessons in enchantment you be seduced by Krystal’s sultry look make up tips on VIDEO!

  • Do stay hydrated. With WATER, particularly if you’re drinking as it will help you smell and, ummm taste better…everywhere.
  • For the exact same reason watch what you eat for the week leading up to the all important date. Everything that you consume exits your body and your pores in some way or another, so keep it fresh and pleasant.
  • Do have a drink to loosen up.
  • Do not re-live Coyote Ugly on the bar because you’ve had too many drinks to loosen up.
  • Do dress, move and walk like sex. Hey, be the change you want to see in the world. Worked for Gandi.
  • Do use your feminine wiles to your advantage. This means flirtatious eye contact and body language; a little foot nudge or stroke on the leg under the table is a strong (and sexy) physical communicator that will appeal to the senses.
  • Be aware that innuendo implies subtlety. Do NOT go overboard and make yourself very obviously DTF, instead of charmingly insatiable.
  • Do make sure you smell amazing, olfactory is a very important sensory influence when you are in an intimate setting. This is why our memories are often ignited by a specific scent. Perfume with care.
  • Make sure you moisturise! If you want the night to be about touching, you should sure your body feels irresistible.
  • Do be patient. Don’t jump him as across the table of the restaurant. Also, please make sure you actually go through with the date and don’t have sex in the lift or taxi en route. You’ve waited this long, what’s 90 mins more?
  • Dress to impress but don’t interpret this to mean less is more. More is more. Remember he SHOULD be unwrapping you like a present, because you are one!

Seduce, seduce, seduce!

JLM & Krystal xxx


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