Naughty or Nice – Christmas Wish List

Despite whether you’ve been naughty or nice in 2015 you’ll probably be wanting Santa to deliver you more than a chunk of coal for Christmas. In my experience choosing a thoughtful present under the pressure of time constraints, looming Christmas decorations and mobs of crazy people can be hazardous. In my case I would always choose a massage in a dark room from a muscly man as the ultimate gift, but I realise tastes do differ greatly. So! I’ve compiled a list of charming gifts to help you avoid that imminent chaos, and also, to subtly guide you beautiful man like creatures in the right direction of what women want (actually).

Remember; don’t be tight, a Grinch or lazy in your gifting choices. Christmas is about GIVING after all. And if you don’t like someone DON’T GIVE THEM A GIFT.

  1. Hi. I like champagne and the svelte yellow box of Veuve Cliquot is NEVER WRONG. EVER.
  2. A floating unicorn. And no I’m not being facetious. Of course I want to float around on a mythical creature sipping on a cold beverage all summer. Thank you for enabling.
  3. A massage in a dark room full of candles and zen. Preferably by a hot man thing.  Please andddddddd thank you.
  4. To smell like a million dollars, even if I can’t quite manage to look it. Thanks TOM FORD – Black Orchid.
  5. It’s always a gift to be able to learn, relax or escape via words. Books. Whatever your peccadillo a list of my favourites is here.
  6. Lingerie or soft tings. Anything stroke-able, delicate or divinely indulgent will do. Hi Agent Provocateur. Hi empty wallet.
  7. Sport Luxe is the new luxe luxe. Apparently calorie burning is inextricably linked to looking good whilst exercising. And what’s not to love about tights covered with acid trip patterns designed by a panda?  These guys have you covered. Style Runner.
  8. Ummm FUN. In the grand scheme of things we’re not on this lump of a planet for much time. Bliss, fun, fantasy, happiness, ecstasy, excitement, enjoyment and adventure are always high on my list of wants. A holiday, an event, a dinner, an adventure, a moment in time are all wonderful, unforgettable and thoughtful gifts. Hints here.
  9. There’s no such thing as owning too many bikinis. And if i have a bikini like Rihanna then maybe i’ll also look like Rihanna. Cognitive expectation causes positive effect. YES! 

Thank you for your support of JLM over my initial three months of rinsing your eyes with my words.

May Santa deliver you all that you desire.

Merry Merry Christmas

All my love,


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