Mr Sales

…And so our exploration of the various archetypes of men, The Man Files, continues.

Mr Sales is abundantly different from the men (profiles) we’ve already seen. He’s not whimsical or creative, he’s measured and savage. His projected image is of maturity and sophistication yet he lacks emotional intelligence and the ability to form diverse, yet organic connections.

Similarities link him and The Ladies Man but he has less interest in love, dating or relationships other than to fulfill a component of his sterling and dominant image.

Quiet please, here comes Mr Sales…

  • Mr Sales is married to his career. He lives for sales targets and business pow wow’s. Don’t even think about trying to creep into first priority. It will not happen.
  • Does not walk, meander or stroll because he only PACES
  • Always wears a suit, even on days off when he wears a different version of suit; crumpled suit, linen suit, sports suit, gym suit, lounge suit – keyword suit which is actually just a euphemism for vanity top priority.
  • Speaks loudly, often abrasively. You strongly suspect that he’s turned on by the sound of his own voice.
  • Has trouble pronouncing any words from any other culture that is not his own ie. tortiLLA and when he’s corrected spits out the right pronunciation as if it’s bitten him in the ass.
  • Likes class A drugs, because he is an A (for asshole) class act
  • Never takes off his blue tooth ear piece, even in the shower
  • Is a natural extrovert and thrives on competition. Compete or DIE.
  • Is known to refer to himself in third person using provocative language; “Let’s activate the Big Dog”
  • To label him anything other than an Alpha male would be a strongly contested insult
  • Has more money than sense or more sense than money. Not sure, which option is better?
  • Has an opinion about everything and is NOT afraid to share it, repeatedly without being asked
  • Is attracted to very feminine women (often submissive) to counter his overt masculinity
  • Is a wine expert just like he is an expert about property, whisky, plants, cars, manchester, hunting, town planning, dining and absolutely everything in the world
  • Is outwardly chivalrous (often for show) but rarely transparent with his emotions or feelings, possibly because he doesn’t know he has them?
  • Notorious for ‘managing up’ – this means he obsequiously ass kisses anyone in a position of power but has a flippant and apathetic attitude to anyone ‘beneath’ him. What sales clerk?
  • Would rather die than have his credit card rejected at the bar
  • Knows the limit to each different colour American Express card by heart but cannot remember names other than Mimi, Kelli or Pete.

My advice, if you want to date Mr Sales – never talk back, learn how to bake and always be perfectly manicured (even in your sleep).

JLM xx

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