The Lovable Rogue

Not to be confused with the Big Little Boy, the Lovable Rogue has an ever so slight dose of Peter Pan syndrome that positively influences his character and outlook on life. He’s the type of guy who isn’t rattled by what society expects, nor does he feel the desire to put on a suit everyday. Bartenders, baristas and any form of overgrown class clown can be loosely categorised as the rogue that found a passion to reflect their nocturnal habits or flirtatious tendencies. He’s a series of juxtapositions so wild that they create his own predictable algorithm; he values passion but can be flippant, has many friends but rarely reveals his heart and he’s sensitive, yet guarded, harmless but often complacent.

The rogue is more complex than the average suit or tradie but not as neurotic as The Tortured Artist. If you find him in his youth he may even still be wandering the globe with an open heart and no shoes.

The Lovable Rogue is in many ways the guy that never quite grows up. Everything changes around him, but he maintains his essence of cheeky charisma, his unapologetic (not-so) closet passion of skating, surfing, Sonic the Hedgehog or Polaroid cameras.

  • The Lovable Rogue isn’t overly sexual. His natural magnetism means women are drawn to him but he differs significantly in modus operandi from The Ladies Man and doesn’t (intentionally) play with women like a lace clad chew toy.  He prefers a good cuddle, some hand holding or a cheeky pash on moonlit picnic than limbs tangled, sweat soaked romps of passion with a different woman every night.
  • Most things in his life are not regular or regulated. He’ll go through periods of being good; making his lunch, getting to work on time, replying to texts, setting dates and dressing well and then he’ll revert to his rogue self and go, well rogue.
  • He loves to be around people and is often the life of the party. He has a wide group of friends who are frequently popping in and out of his life. He’s often in company and isn’t particularly selective about his haphazard approach to meeting people.. He’s just as likely to go for a surf with the barista at his favourite coffee shop as he is to be hanging out with his best mate from school for hours.
  • He’s a bit of a magpie; he sees something shiny and is mesmerised until he’s distracted by the next sparkly thing, and then off he goes in the other direction.
  • He’s both intelligent and funny so you can expect lots of quotes, in jokes, meme production and crazy business ideas (which he’s likely to pull off).
  • He’s culturally savvy and enjoys a diverse range of activities from the beach to art gallery openings to swimming in pits of blow up balls.
  • He’s passionate about his stuff and therefore can get hit hard with tunnel vision
  • He’ll unintentionally play hot and cold, one moment being emotionally aloof and the next, smothering you with affection
  • He’s more emotionally astute than the Ladies Man and Tortured Artist and won’t hurt you on purpose, but instead may let you down in his lack of communication or clarity of intention
  • His attractiveness is crystallized through the authenticity of his affection.
  • You’ll become the proud owner of an awesome range of new boyfriend jeans and faded tees, actually from his wardrobe. Unlike the Tortured Artist he does know how to wash and apply deodorant so his clothing is wearable.
  • He’s more comfortable at a house party, intimate backyard gatherings or on a moonlight picnic than he is in cocktail bars, suits and clubs.
  • He commonly uses humour and self deprecation to mask his insecurities
  • Women are drawn to him because of his laid back nature and positive attitude, and he’s often a natural flirt.
  • Beware the rubber arm! His happy go lucky attitude means that it tends to get twisted rather easily. He can border on the feral side when he’s intoxicated and, he often doesn’t know when to stop.

Go rogue with care,


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