The Man Files: The Nomad

Welcome to the arena Mr Wanderlust; the man of traveling genie pants, no shoes and breathlessness.

The roaming Nomad shares minimal similarities to any of the previously explored male archetypes, with the exception of the Tortured Artist, and that’s mostly because of his affinity for dirt. Unlike oh artistic one he does not take pleasure in pain, nor does he demonstrate the same narcissistic tendencies.

The Nomad does not demonstrate the same obsession with vanity, consumerism or possessions as any of our top dog male archetypes who are trying to solidify their value in society. He’s more concerned with self actualisation than real estate attainment and at least for the moment he won’t be tied down by any such worry.

Definitive features of the traveling nomad;

  • No shoes
  • Relentless wanderlust as exhibited by a lack of need to settle
  • Wears heart on sleeve both emotionally and metaphorically
  • Poor recollection of the day, date or time
  • A reliance on his oft called upon slogans; “Cest la Vie”, “YOLO”, “Ergo sum ego Bibendum” as a justification of his right now actions even though they may not be supportive of his future self
  • Unkempt appearance. Hair is a minimal man bun length and facial hair is straggly and smelly.
  • Attachment to guitar, surfboard or dream catcher collection
  • No money to buy food or drinks but clutching an iPhone 7
  • A general disenchantment for anything concerning responsibility, life admin or calculations of the head, heart or wallet
  • A growing collection of tattoos that are symbolic of adventures, travels, people and places
  • A growing social media following with only tenuous links to home
  • A whimsical attitude towards life, rules and routine
  • A general disdain for commitment to anything; phone plans, rental agreements or relationships
  • A favourable disposition for names like Rainbow, Leaf and Snowdrop
  • A covert promiscuity shielded by a genuine romanticism and the ability to fall in love, frequently and freely
  • Disapproval of labelling anything, including but not limited to relationships, possessions or goals.
  • A tendency to view life through rose coloured glasses

Wanderlust with care,

JLM xx

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