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Please deliver: Christmas wish list

Welcome to my annual ‘Objects of Desire’ Christmas wish list. There’s no better time of year than to #treatyoself to something beautiful. Remember that Christmas isn’t just a time for giving gifts, it’s also a poignant time to reflect on what you’ve achieved over the year and share the celebration with your friends and family.

But back to the gifts bit, here’s my top picks for 2016.

  • I’ve had this baby on my wish list for a while and I suspect that’s where she will staying until I bust open all of my piggy banks simultaneously. The Gucci Dionysus is impractical, rigid and exorbitantly priced but I love her and I want her seductive seams on my shoulder, or at least living safely in my wardrobe til I find the right dress to wear her with.
  • For something arty Australian artist and mega babe Dina Broadhurst creatively combines photography with a twist of sparkle or vivid colour feature and manages to embed pop culture symbolism magically into her pieces.  I would definitely feel like a mature adult if I owned some of her art and I’m 100% sure my shit would pull itself together miraculously.
  • Christmas is a time of cheer. Read: CHAMPAGNE, and if you’ve been defining your taste buds since last year you’ll be looking forward to the salubrious tasting, golden fizz rushing down your throat. Of course, if you’re going to drink well you should be drinking stylishly too. Glassware is what very mature people buy one another, and if it’s crystal you’re even more sophisticated. I like these from lady Vera Wang, because i’ll pass them down to my children’s children’s  (if I don’t break them) and also because they’re called Love Knots.
  • In my eyes a holiday is worth a million presents, and one of my favourite spots in the world is Byron Bay. Rae’s on Wategos is the glammest deconstructed Beach Boho a holiday can get.
  • The statement dress of 2016: Realistion Par. They’re fun, flattering, made of silk and a perfect cheeky summer dress. But wear with caution, they’re booby x 1000
  • It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a hippy at heart and super sentimental. Last Christmas an incredible friend gave me a Clear Quartz crystal on a bracelet. Amongst other things, clear quartz is the guardian crystal of clarity, and it’s a nice reminder to have on my wrist everyday. The brand, Krystle Knight is a unique Australian brand that makes beautiful pieces featuring delicate crystals.
  • It’s an absolute non-negotiable tradition in my family that everyone receives at least one book from Santa. However, I’ve read such an eclectic pile of books this year (hello Dennis Rodman bio, to ‘The Bride Stripped Bare’) that i couldn’t recommend just one. Instead, using a gorgeous blank canvas to jot down your own thoughts, aspirations, wildly imaginative moments and quotable quotes will make a book your own.  SoulT Journals are exquisitely designed hardcover journals to lose yourself in while finding your inner creative.
  • After a tumultuous year most memories of me making special requests include begging to be left alone lying face down in a dark room, listening to spa music and being gently massaged. Get me to Endota Spa nowwwwww!

Happy shopping and i’ll gladly except any errant gifts that may be on offer 🙂

JLM xx

Photo by Oracle Fox

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