Love is Love – Women we dig in 2018

Love is love is love is love. It’s even better when it’s expressed.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, and being lucky enough to love who we please, here’s the ladies I really love in 2018.

Sarahbahbah – I want to give this chick a high five and a bottle of champagne more than I want to bathe in a bath of Veuve Clicquot every Friday night to reward myself for being human for 5 days in a row. Sarahbahbah, originally from Perth has created several series of captioned photographs as beautiful as they are cuttingly real. Her artwork precisely showcases the brain fuckery that we traverse when confronted with the pain of emotions, and the severity of desire, lust, infatuation, obsession, possession, obligation, compulsion and rejection. Sometimes its humorous, at other times it’s delivered with such a cold slice of truth that its like a surprise jab to the kidney. I don’t know whether I want to be her, marry her or fuck her for her divinely astute creativity.

Rupi Kaur Loosely categorized as a modern day romantic linguist, Rupi is a contemporary poet who constructs language with so much elegance and empathy that you can’t help but be affected by it. Her poetry is short and sweet which helps it remain both palpable and relatable in a context of disposable reality.

Gillian Anderson – Gillian Anderson is my girl crush of the year and the epitome of  older woman sexy. I didn’t even watch the X-Files, but i’ve been utterly mesmerised by her in Hannibal and The Fall. Her characters portray intelligence, strength and elegance in the face of whatever adversity she exists in. She’s the anti ageist role model for any 30 something woman. I love herrrrrrrrrr.

Dina Broadhurst – Sydney based Broadhurst has been on the up for a few years as a result of the production of her signature artwork of abstract stylized collages of feminine beauty and bold shapes. The influence of Helmut Newton in her work is strong, and she honours it rather than stripping it of authenticity. Dina overtly supports other (female) creatives through continuous cross collaborations with dynamic industries and creatives. Not only is she a leader in her field, but she elevates others to become stars in their own.

Esther Perel – Admittedly I’m super biased because Perel is my long term idol, but with heavy hitting magazines like Elle & Vogue now quoting her as the relationship expert of our modern times, i’m falling more in love with this woman. Her second book, A State of Affairs was published late in 2017 and is just thought provoking and elegantly written as the first. Her sympathetic yet cleverly calculated insight into why humans in love are so utterly fucked up crystallizes in your brain as simultaneously redefine your own knowledge of guilt, jealousy, desire, lust, sex, intimacy and separation.

Don’t forget to tell everybody you love them this Valentine’s Day!

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