About Me

Jessica, Jess, Maxi, Matthews, JLM, and that chick who wrote that how to order a drink and not be an idiot article – regardless of how you know her or what you know her by, you will always share the same experience – raw truth.


For the readers short of time (or attention), JLM is the love-child of Prince and Jane Austen, conceived in Diplo’s dressing room, birthed by an unknown French House DJ donning a cape and a cigarette, and raised by Kate Moss on the beaches of a deserted island. Yes, that’s where Kate hangs out.

For the real readers, JLM has an unequivocal talent of charming her audience with her cynical compliments, triple-entendre wit, and an eccentric insight expressed with such a nonchalant apathy that it takes you a moment before you realise how intelligent and on-point her comments were/always are.

JLM is a sparkling introvert covered in rainbow mermaid scales, golden unicorn dust and desiccated coconut. She is a jet-setting home lover who finds peace and solace in rambunctious and chaotic music, she attempts to hide in open green fields or vast salty water, and unwinds from her on-the-go lifestyle by keeping herself busy.

JLM personifies oxymoron – yet she always makes it work. It is because of these idiosyncrasies that JLM is an one-of-a-kind human and a diamond in the rough for all who cross paths or vapour trails with her.

About Me written by Lachlan Bosi