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Welcome to Year 2 of JLM.

Before we look forward to next year, I would like to say a huge thank you to those who’ve stuck around for a whole year, reading 52 articles about a diverse range of topics; drinking, sexing, loving, lusting and talking. Thank you for overlooking my oversights and overlaps and pursuing readership despite the (at times) verbosity and repetition.

I would like to tell you that I have the next year of articles planned out, but that would be severely un-JLM. I definitely have an archive of writing stored away in the abyss of my computer, scrawled points in diaries and tapped into my phone notes, but for the most part what you read in JLM is the immediate cross section of my head and heart. Sometimes it’s not timely, and I pondered the concept months or years ago, sometimes it’ll be front and centre of my thoughts at that exact moment but every article published does get worked over by my brain before it makes its way to the page. In that sense I’m always authentic.

With that said, I do think ahead and for this year there’s lots of ideas on the cards; guest writers, because a girl’s brain needs a break (and man I know some talented people), I’ll delve into some series, because I know short and sweet is the best way to hit attention spans, uncover some dating stories from my own repertoire and dive into the minds of some other great writers; Nin, Bukowski and Perrell  just to keep you cultured. All of this, will of course be intertwined with thoughtful, novelty pieces about how to tinder with care, what underwear to wear where and how to not kill the boss from hell.


JLM xx


Thankyou in advance for joining me on one hell of a (continuing) rollercoaster) and if you would like to give ME any advice about what to write, how to write or what you really want to see on JLM, you can email me personally.. here.


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