Why your work wife is life

What’s a work wife?

In the most basic terms a work wife (or husband) is your workplace partner. It’s is a purely platonic relationship that is relies on the foundation of #worklife. When you contemplate how much time you actually spend at work (40+ plus per week) then you’ll recognise how much having this irreplaceable ally really benefits your workplace harmony. Not only will does this connection help you ride out the dull moments, mask hangovers, pull you through eye bleedingly boring tasks and stop your involvement in robust discussions with facetious middle management, it will also means double the amount of 3pm snacks, a partner in crime to celebrate victories with and someone to assist you in smuggling your online shopping purchases onto the premises.

Here’s why having a work wife is invaluable to your #werk life balance..

  • A work wife will always make things fun, even the mundane. Whether it’s a Christmas Party, TGIF, weekly team meetings, Project WIP, or hours of filing, they manage to shift the mood from existential to enjoyable.
  • They know which days you can go to each local cafe according to cute barista roster.
  • They’ll always have your back. Whether you’ve come into work hungover, tired AF or crying in the bathroom because your boss is a micromanaging pedant they’re right there offering support, soothing words, tea or tequila. 
  • They’ve committed your coffee order to memory and don’t mind bringing you one when you’re running late, swamped in work, or unable to leave the desk in case anyone sees your terrible fake tan.
  • They look out for you when it comes to #officepolitics and never let a bad word get whispered about you.
  • They cover you when you accidentally get boozy on your lunch hour or need to nick off for a spot of retail therapy.  
  • They share their business savvy with you without judgement. Doesn’t matter that you’ve been working in Marketing for 6 years and it’s assumed that you know what a SWOT Analysis is but actually kinda don’t. They’ll walk you through it, sans judgement.
  • They drag yo ass through the work week. whether it’s helping you perform a post mortem on events and interactions from over the weekend or helping to prep you for a date in the weekends to come, they provide you moral and verbal support from M-F.

Go on now, give your work wife some work love,


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